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Friday, August 01, 2008

Jester's Gifts

Ok - this is the last set of sponsor kid pictures I have right now. After this I'm all caught up. :)

This is Jester. He was our first boy that we sponsored. He just turned twelve and is from the Philippines.

Jester is co-sponsored by our son. We sent him a money donation as part of my Mother's Day presents this year. His family spent the money mostly on food. The trend that I notice is that my Filipino kids usually spend most of their money on food. They are just that poor. Most of my kids in the Philippines have about $25 a month for their family income. And the Philippines has been hit hard by the global food shortages too. It makes me so sad!!

Jester is a truly special kid. He is an idealist with a big heart. I truly hope that with our support, he will be able to achieve his goals in life. I really feel like he has a lot to contribute to this world.

Jester lives with his siblings and his grandmother. His father abandoned the family and his mother has to work as a maid in a big city so she is not able to live with the family. She sends money back to the family but Jester still needs to work in order to do whatever little bit he can to contribute to the family. He does anything he can, from street vending - selling food that his Grandmother cooks (Can you imagine letting your twelve year old wander the city selling food to strangers? I worry about his safety!), to weaving ropes and carrying lumber on construction sites.

Jester is a truly amazing kid and I am humbled and proud to know him. He waited two years to find a sponsor but I feel that we are the ones who are lucky to have found him! He is an inspiration to our family.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said your pics on your foster kids don't generate a lot of comments. They should!! They should inspire everyone to know they can make a difference by helping someone less fortunate, through sponsorship or in another way that works for them. I still send my knit teddy bears around the world. And I know even they can make a difference. Keep up the great work, sharing your heart with these kids!!!!
Ontario. Canada

6:01 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I think it so amazing that your able to get these pictures of the things you send them. You can really see that the program does what they say. It amazes me how MUCH food and items these kids were able to buy with the money you sent. I guess a little really does go a long way there. Keep the posts coming. Thanks

6:33 PM  

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