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Monday, July 21, 2008

Lesly's Birthday Gifts

Hubby has been scanning our "backlog" of photos of our sponsor kids so you'll be seeing alot of them on the blog for awhile. So, if you are a child hating Grinch just tune out for the next week...:)

This picture of Lesly is of her receiving the gifts we sent her for her birthday. This was back when we were new at the whole package sending thing & just testing the waters so to speak. So we only sent her a few small, but fun things. Lesly has really pretty long hair and is a real girly girl so we sent lots of hairbands and nice ponytail holders. She wrote that she especially liked those. She is holding some photos we sent her of our family (smudged out obviously). My sponsor kids seem to like to get photos of us as much as we like to get photos of them.

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