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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Double Squeee!

We got a new photo of Harry as well! Harry is thirteen and lives in the Philippines. He is the oldest of our sponsor kids.

A few months ago we sent Harry's family a special donation. Harry's family lives on $30 a month - and he is near the bottom of our list of sponsor kids in terms of the resources they have. So for Mother's Day, instead of bunches of material gifts for me we gave donations to three of our sponsor kids. My wonderful Hubby scanned the photos we got from Children International when Harry's family got their donation and went shopping. Children International has the kids pose for pictures along with what they have bought with the money you sent - so you literally know exactly what the families did with the money. (They also send a detailed list.)

Harry's family spent alot of the money on food - which is typical in my experience because food is the upper most concern for these families in general.

Luckily Harry was also able to get lots of school supplies and some new clothes as well. I was really happy about that because I know that school is really important to Harry. Check out the backpack! Also, I'm sure it was fun for him to be able to choose some new clothes. In fact he told me that he planned on wearing his new clothes for his annual picture with CI - so I guess that's what he did. :)

It's amazing what they were able to do with the money we sent. I'm positive you could never get that much stuff for the same amount in the USA. I'm so happy we did the donations for Mother's Day & I will definitely do it again next year too. I'll share the other kids pictures as soon as I get them scanned.

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