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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zoila's Gifts

This is Zoila, one of our sponsor kids from Honduras. She is nine years old. One of her older brothers usually helps her to write her letters to me.

We sent Zoila a money donation as part of my Mother's Day present this year. I was so pleased when I saw that she was able to buy a bed!

Zoila is the one in the pale pink outfit. The other little girl is her younger sister Glendy. I think the other people in the photo are probably her mother, grandmother and her father. Not totally sure about that though!

They used the rest of their money to buy some clothes for all the family, some household items and some new shoes for Zoila. They look like such a nice family!

I haven't gotten to know Zoila very much yet, just enough to know that she is a sweet girl. I really like her smile. It's slightly shy but very big! From the pictures that I have seen of her over the years that she has been in the Children International program it looks like she has become more and more self-confident and nowadays she is less shy and smiles more often. That is one of my favorite things about sponsoring girls through CI. You can really see how they gain confidence.

(Don't forget you can click on the photos to see them bigger.) :)

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