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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ash is done!

I finished the sweater I've been working on for my hubby. In fact, I have finished so many things lately that I haven't had time to post - I could post a new FO everyday this week if only I could get around to taking some decent photos. The kids have been sick, I haven't been feeling too well and I've had a hellofa past few days - so I guess I'm just glad I have this sweater to show you!

You can click on any of the pictures if you want to see it larger.

The Details
Pattern: "Ash" from Rowan Magazine 39

Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton in Mocha Chocolate 212 and Blackcurrant 211.

Size: Men's Medium - I used the exact quantities called for in the pattern. 10 of the Mocha and 4 of the Blackcurrant - and I had some leftover.

Needles: Size Seven Knit Picks Options - I was able to get gauge on the first try for a change!

The Knot Patrol: Is very happy with All Seasons Cotton. I found only one knot in one skein. I think that must be a record too.

Some mods:

I didn't really like the original collar which sort of stood up and called for a short zipper. There's apicture in a previous post if you just scroll down abit. Knowing I would have probably never gotten around to sewing in a zipper, I instead just did a single crochet up the sides of the v-neck, picked up stitches and knit an inch of ribbing.

I have a notorious phobia of knitting with cotton (witness the all cotton Log Cabin Blanket which nearly knilled my knitting soul!) - but I LOVED working with this yarn. It is certainly my cotton of choice. It has fabulous stitch definition and a drape to die for.

Just look at this cute little cuff.

Not too drapey and not too stiff. This sweater is about as "just right" as a sweater can get. I know hubbs loves it. All Seasons Cotton is perfect for that comfy sweater feeling.

The sweater hasn't been blocked yet. However, I have ordered a Wooly Board (!!!!!) and I'm going to give it a light blocking on that whenever it arrives.

When I was done knitting this sweater I couldn't decide what to knit next but I didn't want to lose my current momentum. Whenever I find myself in this situation it is really best for me NOT to start a new project. Unless something is calling to me "knit me, knit me" - which nothing was. In those cases anything that I do start will usually end up not satisfying and being quickly cast aside - which can mean a total kiss of death for the whole project.

So instead I was sensible and picked up a sweater that was almost completely finished but has been languishing in the UFO Hall of Shame ever since I started this blog! I picked up "Myrtle" by Jane Ellison from Noro Knits -

- of which everything was already knit and just waiting to be put together. So you will be seeing another major FO again real soon!

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