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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Good News & The Bad News

Well the good news is that it looks like all the finchey good thoughts have worked. Neville and Rowena's two chicks that were tossed have been successfully adopted by Godric and Minerva!

On the day that I transferred the chicks to their new nest, I found one of them back on the floor of the cage shortly thereafter. But I stuck him back up in the nest and kept my fingers crossed. I left them alone and tried really hard not to peek into the cage every five minutes. I finally checked the nest today and there were the two chicks looking happy and begging for food. Yay! The other two eggs from Neville and Rowena's nest should have hatched by now - all the eggs in a clutch usually hatch within a day or two - but these two haven't. I hope they will - but if not, at least I feel good that the other two chicks were saved.

The bad news is that one of the Society babies died today. I don't know what happened to it. I think it may have broken it's neck. These little birds do that to themselves sometimes. They startle so easily. The Societies more so than the Gouldians. I know it's "just one of those things" but I still feel really awful when I lose one of the birds.



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