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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Forgive Me Bloggers....

...for I have sinned. It's been three weeks since my last post.

Since it's been so long I'll just throw you for a loop and start with a confession:
I totally love Nancy Grace.

Who's with me here? What? Is there no love for Nancy Grace? She cracks me up. Honestly, she's just so nutso. I tune in whenever I get to feeling down in the dumps because - first of all, the stories she covers make me feel pretty good about my life. Like that story recently about the teenager who taught his two toddler age nephews to smoke pot. Hey - at least my life isn't that bad! My five year old doesn't smoke weed. Plus Nancy Grace is so unintentionally funny. Hearing her say "big fat doobie" or "great big old blunt" - well that just has to make me smile.

Ok enough of the weird. My hands have been busy little knitters these past couple of weeks. I've completely finished Bettna (seamed and wearable and everything), one and a half beehive hats, six (yeah six!) Calorimetries (is that the plural?) and one Branching Out Scarf.

I do plan on having pictures - someday! When it's sunny. So look for them around June or so. ;)

Scout says she wants to see everyones tattoos. Again, I'm lazy about the pictures thing but I've got bunches of tattoos so I suppose I should get my hubby to take some photos. That should give me blog material for quite awhile. :)

And in other news - I've got three new baby Gouldians out of the nest. Looks like two yellows and a green or blue. Can't tell for sure yet. And my Society Finches hatched - FOURTEEN babies. I simply can't believe it. I knew they had fourteen eggs in there but I just thought there was no way they would all hatch. At least some had to be duds and probably some of them wouldn't get brooded properly with that many in there. I try not to bother the birds too much when they are sitting on eggs so I just went ahead and left all the eggs in there. And every single one hatched. I checked on the babies a few days ago and they were all doing just fine. I was really worried that the parents would have trouble feeding that many babies - but I've got four adults and one juvenile and they must all be pitching in to do the feedings. And then at night time they all pile into the nest to sleep. That's 19 finches in one nest. They like to sleep all with their heads sticking out the door. It's a pretty strange sight!

So - um...anybody want to buy some Society Finches?? I think I have a few to spare. :)


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