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Friday, January 12, 2007

Charity Knitting

Is your stash overflowing?

I know mine was (okay still is but let's not get off topic here..)!

So I packed up a box full of odds and ends and shipped them off to Jo-Anne.

Jo-Anne makes teddy bears which she then donates to charity.

She can use any type of yarn. Any weight and any amount, even the smallest leftovers. She says she loves getting a wide variety of yarns because that gives her even more options in making the bears and no two are ever alike.

I know I always like to do at least SOME charity knitting every year. But realistically I knew I would never get around to using up all of those odd skeins. Jo-Anne focuses on knitting for charity. I think it's all she does! So anything you send to her will definitely go to good use.

If you have leftover yarn just sitting around, consider sending some to Jo-Anne. She doesn't have a blog but you can email her here.


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