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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just Sick of It

Well - I was sick of knitting the Log Cabin Blanket.

Until I started crocheting the border.

Now I'm sick of crocheting the border.

And I'm right back into my "I hate cotton and won't ever knit with it" philosophy.

This blanket is sapping my will to live.

Ugh! Calgon - take me away!

Plus - up next I have to knit a border for my baby blanket. Right after I figure out how and what to do. There's a reason I'm crocheting my Log Cabin border. I hated the way the seams looked on the mitered border on the Log Cabin Blanket in the Mason Dixon Knitting book. You construct the angle at each corner by adding stitches by knitting in to the front and the back of the last stitch. Then you sew the angles together. Maybe I'm missing something but surely must be a better way to do this?

Anyone? Bueller, Bueller....?

So I'm not looking forward to the Baby Blanket border at this point. At least it only took me three days to knit the body of the blanket - but dang! - that Unger Utopia sheds like crazy. And it's creaky acrylic.

The worst part is - I can't even think of what to knit next. I was wanting to do that coat in the Summer Tweed but now I'm feeling like it will only make me hate Summer Tweed. Too roughy and cottony feeling.

I need wool!!!

Ok - done complaining - back to the drudgery of 1,000 stitch long rows of single crochet.


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