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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Please Patternworks!

Send yarn!

It only took me one day of knitting on the baby blanket to use up the single skein I had. I have ordered more yarn from Patternworks but so far it hasn't shown up. So I reluctantly went back to knitting on the Log-Cabin-Which-Never-Ends. Ugh! What a lovely vacation I had from the Log Cabin. Only someone who has been continuously garter stitching for a month can understand how great it felt to purl and yarn over. The simple lace pattern of the baby blanket (that quite possibly would have bored me to tears under other circumstances) just flew by too fast! Wow - things knit up quick on size sevens, even when a row is 120 stitches long! What was I thinking knitting up a blanket on size fives?? After managing to knit a few logs I just couldn't stand it anymore so I started weaving in ends.

So that's where I am - reduced to weaving in ends. Pathetic huh?

Patternworks - please send yarn! Fast!!


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