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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yarn Stores 2.2

When last we saw our intrepid knitter she was already staggering under the weight of tons of newly purchased yarn - could she possibly carry any more?? Tune in now for:

Yarn Stores 2.2!

The second time we went to The Black Sheep I went crazy - (stop snickering you guys!) and bought an Ab Fab kit from Colinette. Actually, I can only afford that yarn when my Mom is around with her credit card. :(

I don't know why the bug struck but we both got caught up in looking at all of those colors and textures and before you knew it we each had a kit. I actually took one of the kits the store had put together and had them sub out all of the mohair yarn. Just can't handle the mohair!

In rows from left to right & top to bottom we have:
Super Hairy, Eyelashy, Tapey
Tie-Dyed Tapey, Chenilley, Tapey With Frayed Edges, Plain Tapey
Shiney Thick and Thiny, and two more Tapeys.

Yep - that's how much I know about Colinette. I usually never even look at it in stores because I can't afford it and it just pisses me off. :)

Don't know when I will get around to knitting this or what I will do with it but it sure was fun putting it all together.

I also talked my Mom into making the Fair Isle jacket Maggie out of Summer Tweed that was in Rowan 39. We worked out a color scheme with pretty much the same colors as the model but with a few blues and yellows thrown in. I have the yarn for the same jacket so it was good that we did a different color scheme for hers - don't want to be matchy matchy! ;)

I personally really loved Rowan 39 - although so many people seemed to have hated it. I especially liked the men's designs. Everyone of those was a winner in my book. So I wanted to find the yarn to knit Cheiftan Sweater for my hubby but The Black Sheep doesn't carry All Seasons Cotton - gasp! - so that was a no go. Sorry hubbs! Instead I consoled myself with getting the yarn for the women's version Cheiftan Coat:

Here are the colors of Summer Tweed I chose.

The original version I thought would look a little too circusy on me (or possibly on anyone except some sort of Rock Star) so I stuck with a more earthy but still vibrant colorway. Clockwise starting with the dark green shade I got: 523 Legend (I'm pretty sure this is the color - the tag has been lost), 502 Morning Glory, 531 Chocolate Fudge, 536 Torrid, 533 Puff, 540 Orient, 515 Raffia, 524 Cotton Bud, and then the two in the middle are: 530 Toast and 529 Denim.

Taking photos of this yarn really really made me want to jump in and get started on this - but I've GOT to finish my Log Cabin Blanket for my son. And I have a few more projects lined up after that so it will probably be a month or two before I can cast on for this lovely coat. :(

Taking photos of this yarn also made me think "Holy Shizz! I bought a lot of yarn!" AND I was lucky enough to be given some yarn as well.....stay tuned!


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