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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Little Yellow Chick

Remember Chick # 1? Who later became known as the yellow chick?

Well - this is what she looks like now:

A bit blurry but at least you can see her colors. Isn't she gorgeous?! Yellow back, dreamy lilac chest and an (surprise!) an orange head! It looks red in the photo but I am pretty sure it is orange. I thought she would have either red or black like her parents but instead she turned out to be even more beautiful. Isn't it amazing how much difference just a few weeks made?

Her brother (at least I think he is a boy) is still wearing the same dull chick colors. I can see just a few bright electric purple feathers hiding on his chest but that's about it so far.

So - now what to name her? I've got Minerva, Rowena and Rosmerta so far. Any suggestions for other female names to be found in Harry Potter?

Still working on getting photos of the yarn haul....


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