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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Current Project...

Here's what I've been working on:

A Log Cabin blanket for my son. It is done in colors to match his room. I'm not too sure I'm totally happy with the way that it is turning out yet. I don't think the colors mesh together quite the way I wanted. Maybe I have too many colors going on at once? As it gets bigger and there are more repeats of the colors I am liking it more - so we'll see. :)

This is in Elann Sonata again.

I know some people have been keeping the stitches live rather than casting off and picking up. I haven't done that because I really like the "put together" effect you get when you bind off and pick up stitches. I think it mimics the feel of a quilted Log Cabin better.

After this one I am planning a Log Cabin of small squares that will be sewn together. It is only going to have three colors so I'm going for a much more minimalist look. That (along with some socks) is what I am going to be knitting on the road.


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