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Friday, June 30, 2006

In Which There is No Knitting....Again.

I actually took some photos of my Log Cabin blanket in progress to post tonight but then I of course deleted them from the camera before I could copy them.


So instead I want everyone to turn to page 79 in Mason Dixon Knitting, imagine the Modern Baby blanket in shades of purple Elann Sonata and completed up to the beginning of strip number 8.

Looks good doesn't it?


I swear, I'm probably going to finish that thing before I get any pictures posted. After this strip I will have to do some intarsia. That might slow me down a bit since I've never done it before. Maybe I'll get a photo then. :)

Anyhooooo - how about some chick pics since I don't have any knitting to show ya?

Chick #1:

and Chick #3:

taken a few days ago as they had their nightly ride back up to the nest box. That's right - they still aren't flying. I've read some sites where they say that the chicks often are not good flyers for the first week. well - it's been a week and these babies are the non-flyingist birds ever. My bird friend Elvira (from whom I purchased Godric, Minerva and Rosmerta) says she thinks the chicks might be afraid of the other adult birds and are staying on the floor of the cage because they feel safer there. So I may be moving the rest of the birds to an even bigger aviary over the weekend. I had planned on doing this anyway but I didn't want to disrupt whatever "system" was going on in the colony. Elvira thinks it will be okay and since Godric and Minerva have a new clutch of at least four eggs I will probably go ahead and let them have that whole cage all to themselves. After this set of eggs though I'm not letting them raise any more this season. I don't want them to wear themselves out.

For those of you who are enjoying my birdie saga - you might also like to follow the adventures of Helen over on Jessie's blog. Helen is the weirdest and therefore coolest chicken on the web. She's always up to something!

But you sensitive souls may not want to read the horrifying story Jenni left in my comments section about a tragically doomed set of ducklings. That mother duck needs to think twice before she hatches anymore eggs. If she were human she would definitely end up on the Jerry Springer show. Yikes!

Oh - and here's a bit of knitting related stuff - I got a copy of No Pattern Knits the other day. I haven't had a chance to do more than a flip through of the book but I can tell it's a keeper. First thing I thought was that this was one of those knitting books that you need to actually read not just look at the pretty pictures and follow a few patterns. I would consider this a reference book - a book that actually adds to your general knitting knowledge, a book that will make you a better knitter, probably an essential stepping stone on the path to becoming the uber-knitter. You know, like Knitting For Anarchists. (I want to be a knitting anarchist!!) I think this is one of those knitting books. You know, the kind that starts to hurt your head after you read a couple of pages. But that's a good thing! :)


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