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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's the Chicks Again!

I ended up putting the chicks back in their nest last night and I got a few good pictures of them through the cage bars.

Here are 1 & 2 doing some perching practice.

They reminded me of a baby standing up in it crib, peeking over the side. They knew it was bed time but weren't quite ready to settle down yet.

Here's mom Minerva performing a last quick chick check up for the day.

And just because it's a good photo - the proud parents with Auntie Rosmerta in between.

So are you all sick of the chicks yet? I swear I actually am knitting! And some day I will actually post about it. :) Helena told me she was using the same yarn as I am, Elann Sonata, for her Log Cabin blanket. It's been really helpful to hear from someone who has actually used this yarn since I haven't actually knit with it yet. Thanks Helena! I'm trying to get over my "fear of/dislike of" knitting with cotton for this project. I guess we'll see how that goes!


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