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Monday, June 12, 2006

Random Monday

Flipping through the channels on tv the other night I caught The Shining. I must have knitter brain because my first thought was - "How cool would that be?? All winter alone with just the family in a massive hotel. Just THINK of all the knitting I could get done!!" - and then I started thinking of what yarn & patterns I would take and worrying about the possibility of running out of yarn. I would have to take some straight needles - you know, because you can't adequately stab your crazy-ass husband with Addi Turbo Circs. :)

For Carrie: The Twisted German Cast On. This is THE BEST cast on for top down socks too - never have to worry about the cuff being too tight.

And - no The Gaskells in May and Amy are apparently not related to Mrs. Gaskell the author. At least the author never said so in the book & I imagine you would mention it if it was the same family.

For Melanie: Yes I have read Jan Marsh's book Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood. LOVED it. She a great writer. That book is worth every penny! Finally gives the women the attention and credit they deserve. Jan Marsh is on one of the lists I belong to - my brain is blanking on which one, possibly the Victorian one - anyhow, that's when I really fell in love with the internet, when I realized that I could ask questions and get answers from Jan Marsh!

I've got some new photos of the baby birds. You won't believe how much they've grown! I'll try to get those up tomorrow.


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