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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yucky Day.

Having a sad, sad day today. This morning chick #2 died. I had noticed from about the second day out of the nest that he seemed as if he possibly had some neurological issues. It was very subtle but I could tell he didn't quite flap or perch right. He didn't have very good balance. But since he was feeding well and looked otherwise healthy I was thinking he would do alright. But alas this morning he was just lying on the bottom of the cage with his brothers watching over him.

I have had many many pets in my life and therefore I have been through the end of life many times with all kinds of creatures but there is something about a dead bird that is extra pathetic to me. Maybe because it suddenly reveals how fragile they really are. Or perhaps birds are usually so quick and full of life that it is very shocking to see one so still. I never seem to get over feeling really disturbed (and creeped out too!) by the sight of a dead bird.

And now of course I am worrying about the other two. Hubby said he thought that since they were out of the nest that the babies were home free. Actually, weaning is the most vulnerable time for them - as I have just witnessed.

The other bit of this story is that Godric and Minerva have started a new clutch of eggs in the other nest. There were two yesterday and I'm sure she laid another today. Godric has already been sleeping in the nest because he seems to feel quite defensive about it. I think this is because Sirius and Rowena have decided they want the old nest. But since I put the babies back in it every night they haven't been able to take it over yet - and they won't for a few more weeks.

Anyhow - supposedly when chicks fledge and leave the nest the parents often start a second clutch. The problem is that sometimes they then abandon their first set of babies and stop feeding them. Even though they are out of the nest, the chicks are still dependent upon the parents for food. So far Goderic and Minerva show no signs of abandoning their babies. I've seen both of them feeding the chicks many times throughout the day - so I'm sure that this is not why chick #2 died. In fact, I've even seen Auntie Rosmerta helping out and feeding the chicks too. So I am pretty sure that whatever happened to chick #2 was just fate.

But still - I'm just really bummed out. Can't get really excited about the new clutch of eggs until I know the chicks are safe. Sick of these buckets of water continuously being dumped on us. Sick of no sun. Just a yucky day. :(


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