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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Too Darn Hot!

Gah!!! It's too hot - too hot - too hot!!!

Okay - now that I have that out of my system. Just a little update as I sit in my semi-cool room trying to move about as little as possible whilst I slurp the absolutely indispensable coke Slurpee...

Godric and Minerva's second set of chicks have hatched. There were four eggs and three hatched. I have only check on the chicks a few times and so far I don't think they look as "different" as the first set. Maybe we will get some more normal colored Gouldians out of this bunch.

The first pair of chicks is doing really well. They fly all over the place and eat regular birdy food. They don't bother to beg from Mom and Dad anymore. Now I'm just waiting for them to start their moult so I can see the beautiful colors spring to life - at the moment they are both dull echoes of what they will become. They are much harder to take photos of now that they can fly - hence the lack of pictures. I tried to take some but they all came out blurry. I will get some though when they begin their moult.

After the second clutch leaves the nest I will take it away and that will be the end of breeding season this year for Godric and Minerva. If I didn't take it away they would probably go on laying eggs forever. You have to force them to take a rest.

Sirius and Rowena are sitting on a clutch of five eggs - all live! They are due to hatch any day now. I'll be interested to see how they deal with such a big bunch of babies. Sirius seems to be a slightly less fanatical Dad then Godric. Good old Godric helped out a lot with the brooding and feeding. He started sleeping (with Minerva) on his eggs at night the minute Minerva stopped laying. Sirius is more casual about the whole thing. He takes his turn but doesn't seem to see the need for doing double duty. In fact, he sleeps at night on the perch outside Godric & Minerva's nest. I couldn't believe that when I saw it! I was amazed that Godric would tolerate Sirius so close to his babies.

I'm working on a second Log Cabin blanket - this time for my son. This one is sort of the traditional bullseye type where you start at the center and then endlessly add logs around and around until you just can't stand it anymore - or the blanket is big enough - whichever comes first.

I decided NOT to put a border on the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. I think the lack of a border is more - "moderne".

I am also getting together supplies for my road trip log cabin blanket. I think it's pretty much perfect on the road knitting. I'm only planning on taking the one project, thus ensuring that I will just HAVE to go check out the LYS in So. Cal.!

And - really exciting - looks like I will get to meet some of you guys on the way!!

I'm hoping to meet Jenn from Knit 'n Lit on my way through Texas. That will enable us to skip Dallas (which my hubby doesn't like for personal reasons) and will really help break up the endless monotony of driving across the Texas panhandle. Believe me - I've driven this stretch of road at least ten times - no offense anyone, it just goes on FOREVER!

I may also - not sure yet - get to meet Scout in ABQ. I really LOVE New Mexico and ABQ is so very similar to Tucson - where I lived for 8 years. Those two towns are definitely cousins.

And when I get to So. Cal. I'm hoping to meet up with Karen from NoeysMommyKnits. I nay not recognize Karen but I'm sure I will know Noey when I see her. She can't fool me - even though she just lost some of her front teeth. Karen happens to be visiting the same area at the same time as me so I'm hoping that our dates will line up and we will get a chance to get together. The kids will have a great time with Noey and hopefully we can sneak off to a great LYS my Mom keeps telling me about.

It looks like I'm going to have to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest and to New England to meet the rest of you guys. Now that we have an RV anything is possible!


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