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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Big Babies

Some photos I took today of the "big kids". Now that the first two chicks are independent little guys and they have three younger siblings I guess we have to call them the "big kids".

I was able to get a couple of decent pictures of chickie #1. Elvira thinks it is a girl.

The blue chick was much harder to get a photo of - he was moving around too much. So here's a slightly blurry photo. Notice that the yellow chick is tired of getting it's picture taken and is trying to take a nap sitting on one foot with feathers fluffed up.

And here are the terrible two with their daddy Godric. Can you believe that someday the chicks will be as brightly colored as that? Elvira thinks the babies will have red heads since red is dominant to black in Gouldian genetics. If anyone is interested here is a good website that explains a little bit about inheritance of traits in Gouldians. I'm slowly learning but as you can see there are SO many variables!


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