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Friday, August 04, 2006

My New Blog Mascot!

Why have a blog mascot? Because you can. :)

Meet my new mascot, Caroline:

Caroline (who is named after Lady Caroline Lamb - of course!) was made especially for me by Maggie Smith. Maggie is a talented children's book author and illustrator who has recently begun creating handmade toys as well. I collect children's book art so when I saw Maggie's Etsy shop* I was immediately intrigued. I bought a small pink bunny for my daughter who has a passion for rabbits. Then I saw Maggie's sheep and I knew I had to have one! She worked with me to choose the vintage printed fabric and brown velvet to compliment the colors of my blog. I think she did a great job. (Thanks Maggie!) At the same time, Maggie made another lamb as a prize for one lucky member over at my other internet home, Knit the Classics. The design of that lamb was inspired by our reading last month of E.M. Forster's A Passage to India.

My Lady Caroline wears a demure little lace collar with a small bell attached. So far she is not as naughty as her namesake - but only time will tell!

* Do NOT click on the link to Maggie's shop unless you have super human resistance to cuteness. I won't be held responsible! :)


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