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Friday, September 22, 2006

Log Cabin ....

... otherwise entitled "I do actually knit up some of the massive yarn stash"....

Log Cabin progress has been halted this week since I've been feeling pretty ill. I have a chronic problem with my stomach/entire gut system which really knocked me down for the past couple of days. I haven't been able to do anything except lay on the couch melting my brain with TV because doing anything but laying down just hurts too much. Can't even sit up to knit!! Anyhow - I don't really blog about my illness because it's a real drag and who wants to hear about that? So - on with the knitting!

Here's the last progress shot I have of the Log Cabin Blanket I am making for my son:

It's slow going at this point since each row now has around 200 stitches! It also makes it not the most portable project. I wasn't too happy with the way the colors were working out together at first but I like it a little better now that I have worked it up more. It's still not my favorite but I like it well enough. I think I am going to do 6 more logs - which is one more trip through the whole colorway and then add a border and call it a day. That should be enough to make a nice snuggle up and watch tv sized blanket for my son - at least I hope so! I really want to move on to some other project. I've been practicing knitting monogamy for my last few projects and - while I admit that it does help move a project along - it's starting to suck. I think blankets ought to be exempt - it's just too much monogamy to commit to!

Close up of the stitches & colors:


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