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Friday, September 22, 2006

Yarn Stores Part 3 - Getting Lucky

As if my yarny life could possibly get any better....

Yarn Stores Part 3 - Getting Lucky (in which I get lots of yarn without going to any yarn stores).

Lucky! That's me!

Awhile back I tried to convince my Mom that knitting socks was no big deal and that she too could handle working with five double pointed needles with ease. I definitely did use all of my powers of persuasion because my Mom really is a talented knitter, I knew she could knit socks - plus she travels a lot, and you gotta have travel knitting! But really I think she caved because of all of the fun self-striping yarns she was missing out on. Long story short, she gave it a try and hated it. Too teeny tiny for her. Bonus to the story - she gave me all of her sock yarn.

Seriously - ending up with the yarn was not part of my evil plot all along - although now I am considering adding this to my arsenal of evil plots. :)

The yarn is all Lana Grossa - I'm too lazy to go down and dig it out of the stash to list the numbers - if anyone really wants to kow, email me & I'll do it especially for you. :)

At this point I have so much sock yarn there's no way I'm ever going to knit that any socks. I think I'm still fairly slow at sock knitting for one thing - and for another, I hardly ever wear socks! Every winter I resist wearing socks until a real threat of frostbite sets in and even then I will only wear them as long as I have to - shedding socks along with shoes as soon as I come back inside.

So what to do? Well - since there were a few days of my vacation during which I was knitless (!) I started a sock yarn blanket:

I think I am going to do large blocks of different sock yarns in strips and then sew the strips together. Needless to say - this will be a long term project - but really good when in need of mindless knitting.

And finally -

Here is a picture of the Koigu that Karyn gave me:

I don't know what I'll do with it - maybe a purse for my little girl? Or maybe I'll just put it in a glass box and keep it forever with a little placque commemorating my first yarny gift given to me by another knitter in real life. :) Thanks again Karyn!


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