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Monday, September 25, 2006

Holy Yarn Stash Batman!

Ow - my head hurts. I just finished updating my yarn spreadsheets. Yes - I am compulsively organized. But I am convinced that it is only the orderliness of the spreadsheets (complete with photos!) that keeps my home and family from being eaten by the massive yarn stash. Besides, if I don't write all of this stuff down I will forget what project I bought what yarn for etc.. So now I have nice-and-tidy, up-to-the-minute spreadsheets. Too bad that it doesn't magically organize the actual yarn as well - because right now I'm a little bit afraid to go into the craft room. I could be engulfed in an avalance of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed or step into a quicksand mire of Silky Wool! At least it would be a good way to go. :)

Okay - gotta get off of this computer and do some actual knitting (at warp speed!) to try to catch up with the stash. I think I'm taking the night off from the Log Cabin Blanket to knit....a baby blanket. But at least it's smaller and my own design and NOT garter stitch!!! Yay!


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