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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cabinets & Other Organizational Tools

Just a quick post to show you guys what the bookcases/cabinets look like:

This is one of the Garrett Cabinets from Pottery Barn. The glass doors slide rather than open out which I like a lot since I think the glass is less likely to get broken that way. I love the way they look all filled with books! Ignore the two big black blobs on top - those are paintings we have to re-position on the wall since this cabinet is not as wide as the shelves that were there before. The paintings of the ladies faces I bought off of Ebay - they are by a Russian artist but I forget her name. There is another of these cabinets in the same room but I only took a picture of one - I'm sure you get the idea of what it looks like. So - do I look like a super studious smarty pants with my little mini library or what? ;) And no more dusty books!! Yay! (And I am NEVER NEVER moving all of those books again!)

You can click on the pictures if you want to see any of them larger.

These are the Rhys Bookcases and large TV cabinet from Pottery Barn as well. (Of course since we had the large TV cabinet hubby had to go immediately out and by a very large tv to go with it.) This is in our sitting room and is the view I have whilst knitting. Honestly the tv is crazy big for the space but I am trying to get used to it. We still have to re-hang the painting that goes on the wall between the cabinets because the massive tv was blocking half of it!

So - as you can probably imagine I was pretty exhausted from dismantling all of the old shelves, setting up these and carrying all of those books around!

In other news: I'm trying to get together a post to show you how I use the spreadsheets to keep track of my yarn - PJ wanted to see an example. (I NEED to have a spreadsheet - although nothing could be cooler than having a Palm Pilot to organize the stash like Jess does!! I had little obsessive compulsive fits of awe over that idea. I am SO asking for a Palm for Christmas - never saw any use for those things until Jess enlightened me! LOL!) And Mrs. Pao - yes, I did consider making a yarn database. But then I considered I may be crazy and that idea fortunately died an early death. :) I also had a good laugh at the image of Jessie cramming her yarn into a closet and then leaping out of the way and slamming the door shut before it could all fall out again. Yep - thought that was really funny and cute until that same night when I went to put some yarn away in the craft room. It was dark and I had my hands full and didn't bother to flip on the light. I managed to get the door open without incident but I took one step inside the room and tripped over a box of yarn, half fell and stumbled away from that box only to immediately trip over another one a foot away and nearly broke my neck! So - the craft room needs a final overhaul before it is ready to actually be used. Thank goodness for the extra shelves down there - lord knows I needed them!

Also - I've had a big addition to my Gouldian flock - so pictures to follow!


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