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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anyone want to trade?

Remember when I posted this? Probably about six months ago.

Well, I'm FINALLY getting those lovely book cabinets - HOORAY!! I cannot wait! I hate hate hate it that my books are just sitting there on open shelves getting covered in dust. (I'm really allergic - not just totally obsessively organized.) It's a big pain to dust the books and I always have an asthma attack after I do. But the cabinets are coming this week - please pray they will fit up my stairs!!! So at least my nice books will finally be getting the nice comfy protected home they deserve. And this means I can use the current shelves downstairs in my craft room. Yay! More yarn storage!

However, this also means it is time to finally get rid of some stuff. No matter how hard my hoarding gene kicks in I just can't keep everything.

So, I thought I'd see if you guys wanted to trade. I've got TONS of back issues of quilting magazines, several years of Ehrman Tapestry catalogs, tons of FiberArts magazines, a bunch of issues of Embroidery (this magazine is really beautifully done. It's a UK magazine that focuses on the arts side of embroidery and other needlework - chock full of inspiration.) I've also got a handful of Beadwork magazines and about five books full of really cool projects to do with children of all ages. The books are in perfect condition and have everything from science projects, funky food projects, crafts etc. If you have kids these are really a great resource.

If you want some of this stuff email me and let me know what you want. I honestly don't care what you give me back - if anything - because the whole idea here is for me to free up space in the craft room and it seemed like a shame to just throw this stuff out.

****Also - has anyone noticed that Blogger has been really weird with pictures lately? I have a hard time posting them and about half of the blogs I read are showing up without the pictures coming through. It's really getting annoying!****


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