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Friday, October 13, 2006

So About the Gouldians...

Well - the big news is - I've doubled my flock! That's right, now I have fifteen of these gorgeous little birds. I got three boys and three girls from a lady who had to give them up because she has RA and was finding it difficult to care for them. So - now they live with me.

After the appropriate period of keeping the new birds in quarantine and going through the whole round of medicating etc. etc. in order to makes sure that everyone was healthy and didn't pass on any illnesses to my birds - they were finally ready to be housed in the big cage along with everyone else.

Here's the whole flock:

You can click on the photo for a closer look but I warn you it's massive - otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the birds!

So far everyone is getting along great. The transition has been really smooth. Phew!

I will introduce the new birds in another post but first I wanted to give you an update on the two baby birds that I've been posting about since hatching.

First up, the little yellow girl:

Here she is, on the left, fully feathered out sitting with her daddy Godric (who looks as if he is going into a moult soon). I've decided to name her Fleur, in keeping with the Harry Potter names theme and because I think she has turned out to be such a delicate little beauty.

And remember her little brother?

Well, here he is today, about halfway through his moult.

Look at those shimmery blue back feathers! He's just gorgeous. His head looks like it will be a light shrimp pink color with a black outline.

And here's a shot of his gorgeous tummy and chest:

I love the super electric purple of his chest - what a sight he will be when he is all feathered in! I feel so sorry for the little guys when they moult - it's got to be uncomfortable and stressful - but they look so gorgeous afterwards. I've decided to name him Harry Potter - because he's a very special boy. :)

So I'll show off the new birds next time. I need help choosing a name for one of them so get your Harry Potter thinking caps on!


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