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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another Weird Thing

The strangest thing happened yesterday. My hubby and I have been taking advantage of the post-Christmas sales so lots of little packages have been arriving at our home. So I didn't think anything of it when hubby said there were some packages on the front steps. He went out to get them and then announced that some of it "looked like yarn". He has enough experience to know what Westminster Fibers is when he sees it. Thing is - I hadn't ordered any yarn. None.

So I was totally perplexed and then a bit freaked out when hubby proceeded to drag in two enormous boxes. I mean - these things are huge. I had a moment of sheer panic. I mean - Westminster Fibers is Rowan right? Two huge boxes of Rowan has got to be big bucks right? I was imagining my credit cards on fire and my bank account crashing due to this huge yarn purchase that had apparently somehow been credited to me. But I knew I hadn't ordered any yarn.

For a second I thought - Good Lord maybe I am so far gone in my yarn addiction that I don't even remember purchasing all of this Rowan yarn. (It's just within the realm of the possible.)

And then I thought perhaps one of my knitting friends had gone mad and bought me an insane Christmas present. I was even starting to wonder if we were having some charity yarn drive over at KTC and somehow I just didn't know about it.

Well, we opened the boxes up. Turned out to be tons (Probably literally!) of Gedifra, with a bit of Regia and some Rowan Soft Tweed. And the invoice was addressed to...some place called The Yarn Market in Iowa??? WTF??

How the heck did my name get on the address label? I get the Rowan magazine in the mail but other than that I have had no dealings with them.

Obviously, I have to call someone to figure out what is up here. I hope it won't be too much of a hassle to resolve this - and I really hope I didn't somehow get charged for this yarn. The invoice said it was about $300 worth wholesale and (hold onto your hats!!) over $2,000 retail!! Holy Cripes - I guess I really need to become a wholesaler!


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