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Friday, January 12, 2007

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater

Here's the finished Fair Isle Yoke Sweater (unblocked):

A close up of the yoke:

I used about 5 or 6 skeins of Rowanspun Aran in "Midnight" and 3/4ths of a skein of the wine colored yarn.

The sweater has hems at the sleeves and body. If I were doing this again I would turn them under and knit them in as I worked the body rather than sewing them down later as I did. I also would knit them in the contrast color. I didn't do that here though because I didn't decide that the sweater was going to have a yoke design until later.

I did add a row of garter stitch that serves as the edging of the sleeves and body. When you turn the hem under at the garter stitched row it almost looks like a masculine version of a picot edge - if you can picture that. I couldn't get a good photo of that because the yarn is so dark. If I knit this again I would possibly add three rows of edging to make the design feature stronger.

Rowanspun was a good yarn for this kind of sweater. I've heard of people complaining about breakage but I didn't have any problems like that. I thought the yarn was really sturdy - if a bit rough on my hands. Crusing along knitting on the body I actually gave myself a yarn burn on my left forefinger. Ouch!

Chris mentioned that EZ's percentage system is...well, I guess old, and will give an old style fit. I guess I'd have to agree with that based on this knitting experience - because I'm totally positive I did the math right.

Jennifer mentioned that Barbara Walker measures the armpit from two inches below so you make sure to have a comfy fit. I would definitely do that next time around.

All in all I'm pretty proud of this sweater. It's the first one I have birthed from beginning to end and it fits so I guess I have to be happy with that! However I wouldn't say I am entirely satisfied. I won't be satisfied until I knit the perfect sweater with not one problem during the knitting and a perfect fit after. Dream on I guess!


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