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Thursday, February 01, 2007

All Hail The Random Number Generator!

Without it I never would have won a contest over at Susan's blog I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can.

She wanted suggestions for her new blog and since I'm computer illiterate I think the best I came up with was something like....

"Uh...I like pictures. Pictures on blogs are pretty. "

Big help aren't I? :)

Bettna is moving right along - although I haven't touched it for a few days. I'm on the home stretch on the second sleeve/front. So next up is sew the bits together. So far a very easy and super enjoyable knit. (The two don't always go together!)

The only bump in the road was the other day when I was knitting along and suddenly my yarn just came apart! I've only had that happen one other time and that was with some Debbie Bliss yarn that kept coming apart when I tried to cast on. This time was when I was actually knitting which is a lot scarier! That particular skein of Silk Garden had been fluctuating wildly between being thread thin and basically unspun. (You know how Silk Garden can be. Grrrr!) Anyhow - one of the unspun bits just came right apart. Stupid Noro.


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