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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Knitting News

Here's a couple of knitting things I thought y'all might find interesting:

1. The Barbara Walker Treasury Project : The Walker books are truly a treasury, providing umpteen knitting patterns which are, unfortunately, photographed and shown in black and white. On the blog, the members are attempting to update the books by knitting and posting samples of the patterns in full color. What a great community service! Bravo!

2. The Harry Potter Readalong : They may not be knitting books per se, but the HP books certainly are "knitting friendly". So much so in fact, that Alison of The Blue Blog has recently come out with a book of Harry Potter related knitting patterns called Charmed Knits. Bravo Alison!! (Am I the only blogger without a book in the works??)

3. Lastly but not leastly - I noticed that Webs has jumped into the podcasting ring! Called Ready, Set, Knit, the podcast is available through their website or downloadable on iTunes.

Oh - and in my own knitting news. Bettna is fini! All seamed and everything. Pics to follow....


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