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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Zoila - New Yearly Photo

I also recently got an updated photo of my other child in Honduras - Zoila.

Here she is last year age 10.

And now this year at age 11. Her birthday is also in December.

She looks a little taller but not as much difference in her photos as there was in Flor's.

Zoila has six siblings, just like Flor. Here she is at home with her family. Zoila is in the pink shirt in these photos.

The little girl in the yellow skirt is Zoila's sister Glendy. Zoila and Glendy are the only two sponsored children in her family. All of her other siblings are boys. Children International makes a point of signing up more female children than males. This helps to address the imbalance that usually exists in the educational and other opportunities for boys vs. girls. Children International tries to encourage families to seek education for girls and to keep them in school rather than marrying early.

Zoila's family has about $137 a month. Her father works as a day laborer which means they don't always have a steady income. Their home is made of concrete with a concrete floor and a tin roof. There is one bedroom and a kitchen. They are lucky to have a wood burning stove.

Unfortunately they have to use a community well for water and one of Zoila's chores is to carry the water every day. They do have wooden beds - many of my sponsored children sleep on the floor. Last year when we sent Zoila her special gift she bought a mattress for her bed. I'm told that is a typical first purchase for many families when they receive a special gift. I wonder what she will get this year! I'll post the photos as soon as I get them.

Zoila does go to school but she doesn't write her own letters to me yet. I'm hoping that she will soon! :)

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