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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Flor - New Yearly Photo

I love getting the new yearly photos of my sponsor kids. Even though I usually have had several photos in between, it is comparing the yearly photos that really helps me see just how much the kids have grown and changed. I recently got new yearly photos for both of my kids in Honduras.

This is Flor last year at age 8. I love her slightly chubby cheeks, big eyes and shy smile.

This is Flor now at age 9.

She's in what I call a stretching out phase. She is getting taller and losing some of her roundness. I don't know why she didn't smile for this picture - she usually does. I think she is such a pretty little thing.

Flor loves going to school and she helps her Mom at home - sweeping and doing dishes. She has six siblings and her family gets by on around $158 a month. That is actually alot of money compared to most of my sponsor kids!

These are the photos I have of Flor at home with her family.

Their home has adobe walls (mud brick), a dirt floor and a corrugated tin roof.

You can see Flor (in pigtails) and her little five year old sister Mirsa in this picture. Mirsa doesn't have a sponsor as far as I know. Two of Flor's older siblings do though and one has graduated from the Children International program. Her family is of a typical size for Honduras.

It looks like all of Flor's brothers were not home when these photos were taken. They were probably off working.

Flor's home does have running water - which is lucky! But they use an earthen stove for cooking and a latrine for their sanitary facilities.

I'm so glad that Flor is going to school. I'm hoping that she will soon be able to write her own letters to me but for now it is usually her mother or one of her brothers who help her to write.

Flor turned 9 in December and we sent her a special gift. I'll post the photos we received as soon as I get the chance.

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