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Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Set of Placemats

Here's another set of placemats - five this time - that Hubby and I worked on together. These ones were a gift to my in-laws.

Same as before - I chose the fabrics and design and did the cutting. Hubby pieced and quilted - this time with an echo quilting pattern. We both worked on hand sewing the binding.

These pictures were taken before we washed them so the quilting still looks all crisp. I think I prefer the after washing look where you can really see the puffy bits in between the lines of quilting.

The way we worked out these placemats is that each one has 5 "positions" or sections. So we chose 5 different fabrics and placed them in a different position in each placemat. So every fabric is in every placemat but always in a different position. It was fun working out a sequence that would always ensure that the fabrics complemented each other no matter where they were in the design.

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