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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jhonny's Family and Home

I've been so, so busy! Crafting like crazy! I promise to get my Hubby to take some photos tonight of all the cool stuff we have been making - otherwise we are in danger of running out of time to take any photos before we give it all away. :)

In the meantime, here are some photos of my sponsor kid Jhonny and his family at their home in Ecuador. I am going to fund Jhonny's IGP project next. Hopefully, I will have enough money right after the new year. I've raised almost enough from the stash sale. (Thanks!!)

Jhonny is the one in the yellow shirt. The boy on the opposite end of the photo in the white shirt is Jhonny's fraternal twin brother Edison. Jhonny's mother is holding the baby and his step-father is in the back in the white shirt.

In this photo from front to back and from left to right are:
Jo David, Anthony, Jhonny
middle row:
Jhon Michael and Edison
back row: Wilson and Nelson

Only Jo David and Jhonny have sponsors. If you have thought about sponsoring then I can't recommend this family highly enough. Jhonny is a very sweet, cheerful boy. His letters are so full of life! He really takes alot of trouble to tell me about himself and his family and his country. I love getting his letters. With seventeen sponsor kids it's inevitable that I have a closer relationship with some of them more than others and Jhonny definitely has a special place in my heart! If you would like to sponsor one of Jhonny's brothers please email me and I can help you set that up.

Jhonny's mother, surrounded by her seven boys. Can you imagine seven boys????

Jhonny's IGP is for his mother to cook and sell candies and other foods out of her house. I think it's a good plan since it will allow Jhonny's mom to work from her home. I'm sure she has plenty to do there with so many boys. Truly the mind boggles! They need a refrigerator and other cooking gear as well as the ingredients to get started.

Jhonny in front of his home. I can't wait to get the IGP going! It will be such a great way to start off the new year for Jhonny and his family.

Next time - crafts I promise! :)

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