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Monday, August 25, 2008


You may have noticed the plural when I mentioned we had new additions to our family.

This is the other one.

Her name is Mayumi - Yumi for short - and she is a four and a half month old Japanese Chin.

How in the heck did we end up bringing home a puppy? Well, there is a long story behind that of course but I'll try to keep it short! Suffice it to say that, I let the kids convince me to go visit the local puppy store - about a week before we left for our vacation. We saw Yumi there but we were NOT getting another dog so we dutifully went home and supposedly that was that.

But, over that week I kept thinking about her. The kids kept talking about her. I kept remembering that we didn't NEED another dog, that I didn't want to buy a puppy store puppy etc etc. We went on vacation. I still kept thinking about her and the kids brought it up every now and then but I figured there was no way Yumi would still be at the puppy store when we came home. It just seemed really unlikely that no one would buy her in three weeks time. At some point during the vacation though I tried to get the idea out of my mind by deciding to leave it all up to the fates. Maybe if she was still at the store when we came home then she was meant to be our dog - if not then...oh well. I called the store a few days after we came home.

She was still there.

And now she is here. :)

She is super sweet, very smart and gets along great with the rest of our dog herd.
It's a different experience for us having a puppy. All of our other dogs were second hand and came to us as adults (except Luca who was an older puppy). They all needed to be house trained and learn their manners just like a puppy does (most of them had apparently never even climbed stairs!) - but still, a puppy is a whole 'nuther thing! Our dogs are all 4 years and up so the introduction of a youngster was potentially going to be a disaster - but so far we've really had no problem. After all, we did have many weeks to think about whether Yumi had a personality that could fit in and whether we could handle another dog. :)

Mayumi supposedly means "truly beautiful reason" in Japanese. The kids had said they wanted to name her "Beauty" but I really wanted to pick a Japanese name for her. We gave them a list of ones we liked and they chose the one that happened to mean "beauty".

So, more lucky good fortune and serendipitous happenings. Some things are meant to be I guess. :)

(But now we REALLY REALLY REALLY have no more room for any more dogs - or parrots for that matter. I'm serious. I mean it. Stop laughing.)

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Blogger Chris said...

Ha! You said the last time or three. ;) Welcome, Yumi!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Mallow said...

Welcome to Mayumi! I have a feeling a pup may be in our future.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

You're sounding like me with the parrots :)

You are quite brave for taking on a puppy. Also, this is not helping with my dog envy. I don't think I've ever seen a Japanese Chin before. I suppose I could google, but will she remain quite small, or are they rather large adult dogs?

12:34 PM  
Blogger Dianne said...

What a little sweetheart, and you gave her a lovely name!

4:54 PM  

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