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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Counter Top Day!

Counter top day finally arrived!

The counter top - oh it is sweet! See the nice chunky bits?

The cook top. Hubbs has cooked two fine meals on it. I refuse to cook until the hood is installed. It's too HOT.

The sink. If only it were hooked up and working. Supposedly on Monday...

We even replaced the crappy wooden ledge.

Verdict = we love it! Installation was rough though. It was 95 degrees and the workers apparently were all raised in a barn thus they grew up completely lacking any door closing abilities. It quickly got very, very hot and humid in the house. Then they busted out some sort of industrial rubber cement which they applied liberally over the course of a few hours. So none of us could breathe due to the combination of heat and chemicals. But at least that's all over.

This week is supposed to be the last week. I say supposed to be because they still have to install a cabinet, fix and install the hutch, install the back splash tile (of which there is plenty), finish all the trim work including the several thresh holds which need to be stained before they go in, install glass in the cabinet doors which I know they haven't even ordered yet, hook up all the plumbing, install the plug molds under the cabinets, do all the trimwork on the cabinets, install the range hood, install the garbage disposals, the instant hot and the sink faucet, install the pantry doors and the closet doors which haven't even arrived yet, and do all the touch up and small repair work. I'm sure I'm missing something but you get the point. Seeing as they don't work on Mondays do you suppose they can finish all that in four days?



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