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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Insert really nasty swear word here.

The blasted counter top has been delayed yet again!! They HOPE to have it ready to go in on Thursday. All I can say is they had better come through! Everything is being held up by the counter top. AND to top it off, they aren't even coming to work at all today or tomorrow. Granted, there is not much they could do but as long as there is anything they could get done then I think they should be here working. After all the delay is their fault and not ours.

Ok - done with the mini rant. You know I'm upset when I use caps, bold and italics in one paragraph. :)

The good news is that we heard from the vet and Libby came through her surgery just fine. What a relief. There is always some anxiety whenever a pet has to go under anesthesia. I'm just glad it all went well.

Chris - I'll get you that photo of the inside of the destroyed fridge. It's worth seeing to appreciate the massive destructive power of those giant dog jaws. My hubby hadn't ever been around a mastiff so he was very impressed. Needless to say we ordered her a giant kennel that she can be in whenever Libby is at home unsupervised. It's no good just putting her in an empty room or something - a bored mastiff can quickly and easily eat the walls. I've seen it happen! Maybe we should have gotten Libby sooner and set her to work on the kitchen demo. (LOL)

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