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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well the appliances are in place. I'm not sure if they are all hooked up yet but it is nice to see how they will look.

The oven:

The cook top is above it. I'll have to show you that when it gets installed. It's an in-counter models so it won't be all set until the counter top is done.

The dishwasher (the sink goes in to the left):

The beast of a fridge - hereafter to be known as "my precious": ;)

No hiding bodies Chris, we went with the glass door. :) The entire left side is all freezer & the right is the fridge.

Another look at the fridge. Man I can't wait 'til that sucker gets plugged in - I want cold food!!

I think I could stare at that thing all day. My husband loves it so much I think we may have to build a little temple around it so he can worship there daily. (LOL)

Last but not least, the upper cabinets, waiting patiently for their turn to be set. That's what they've been down there working on today.

What d'ya think? I think the rest of the house is going to look a bit shabby when this kitchen is done!



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