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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's Hot and Dusty Round Here...

Oh the chaos. I'm so over it.

We've had four days of electrical work. Mucho pounding, sawing and drilling. Many wires hanging everywhere and bits all over the floor. It's dusty and hot because we are keeping the doors shut to try to minimize the dust transfer. Supposedly drywall starts at the end of the week so I have alot more dust to look forward to - but at least that will be the end of the demolition mode and the beginning of restoration to normal. But I won't feel like we are on the downhill stretch until at least ONE, just one little new thing is installed. Just one piece of tile. That's all I want right now.

So - between the heat, dust and being sick there's been little knitting or anything fun like that.

How about some more photos as a distraction?

Remember I mentioned I got some Angel Fish?

Meet Rasputin. She is a gorgeous black (obviously) fish. I like to think she is the evil genius of the tank.

This is Nelson. You can see he is missing one of his fins. So I named him after Admiral Nelson who lost an arm in one of his battles at sea. (As an aside and a glimpse of the minutiae with which my brain is filled, Admiral Nelson was created Duke of Bronte by the King of Naples. Patrick Bronte, father of the famous Bronte Sisters,was a great admirer of Lord Nelson. Scholars have argued that Patrick took his last name from the Nelson-Bronte connection, the family name having previously been Prunty or O'Prunty.)

Nelson and Rasputin have spawned. They laid eggs yesterday on one of the broad leafy plants in their tank. Surprisingly they didn't eat the eggs over night and are guarding and caring for them assiduously. Unfortunately black Angel Fish + black Angel Fish = infertile eggs. So I doubt most of them will hatch although I am holding out some hope for the few eggs that do look fertile. It's only about 5 eggs total and they will probably get eaten if they do hatch. Sigh. Oh well.

And speaking of infertile eggs it looks like Ron and Rosmerta's eggs were all duds. Poor things they tried so hard!

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