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Monday, June 18, 2007


Here's a tour of our crappy old kitchen.

The crappy old stove:

It really sucks to clean those burners and the knobs and the downdraft and the-bit-I-can't-really-ever-get-to-in-the-back-because-it's-too-close-to-the-wall-and-my-sponge-won't-fit-in-there. Also featured is the super fugly hood that just vents straight back into the room. What good does that do?

The GREY tile back splash and the GREY tile floor. I won't miss you. Thanks for showing every teeny little speck of dirt and making us all feel drab and draggy in the morning.

The kitchen window:

The only thing I like about the old kitchen is this window. And our sink facet which is new (because we replaced the old one). It's got one of those cool hose handles.

Don't you just LOVE our grey counter top? It's so gross. I swear I think it's just particle board wrapped in a crappy laminate. Oh and the lack of baseboards around the cabinets. Heck why finish the work right? Sheesh!

The big window:

The only other plus in the kitchen is the big bay window. But just look at the end of the "L". No rounded corners. Just plunk that cabinet and counter top right there - don't bother making it fit right either.

But wait! There's more!

The weirdest piece of crap in the whole crappy kitchen - the desk:

Because we all need a desk - IN THE KITCHEN. WTF?

The worlds tiniest pantry and oldest living refrigerator:

The pantry is even smaller inside than it looks outside AND the door drags on the tile floor every time it's opened.

White fridge + kids = fingerprints. Isn't it fugly? Hoo-boy wait until you see the new fridge!! And yes, I totally did say hoo-boy. You will too. Trust me. :)

Here's where our new pantry will go:

The wall by the oven (on the left)is coming down and the whole area where the cabinets are will become the pantry. The "nook", as we call it, really serves no useful purpose right now.

A last look at the whole shebang:

I know it's gruesome - try not to gouge your eyes out. The funny thing is that when we moved in it was even uglier. The walls were papered in "gynecologist office" pale pink and blue wallpaper that was - gasp - textured. :(

Bye bye fugly kitchen. Your hours are numbered.

Construction starts 7:30 am tomorrow!



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