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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Front Garden

Some of you guys requested some pictures of our new plantings that I had talked about in our front garden. Hubbs took some photos for me. Isn't he sweet? He plants them AND takes photos for my blog. :) You can click on the photos to see them better.

Don't mind the hole in the photo - I edited out our house number. You can see my collection of succulents and cacti in the window. I love love love those weird and wonderful plants. That's my indoor garden. The jade in the middle was grown from a cutting I took from a jade owned by my father. His jade is about 25 years old! So it's very cool to me to have my own jade grown from it - like a Jade Vol.2. :)

So, the outdoor garden. The Hostas and the kind of ugly Azalea (I think) bushes are the old stuff.

The ones we just put in are:

The yellow and white flowered plants are the Achillea, commonly known as Yarrow. (I like that name better - sounds more Brother Cadfaelish and medieval). :)

The sort of spindly bushy stuff with the small purple flowers is the Walker's Low of the genus Nepeta. For some reason the Wiki on Nepeta doesn't mention Walker's Low so click on this link if you want to see what ours will look like when it fills in and grows bigger. That is, if the neighborhood cats don't crush it all by getting high on it and rolling in it. Walker's Low is a type of catnip (or catmint) - so yo,yo neighborhood kitties I got your stuff right here! ;) It also attracts butterflies (yay!) and bees (uh-oh!) so we'll see how smart it was to plant it so close to the front door. :)

The little clumpy evenly spaced plants in front of all the new stuff is Monarda, also known as Bee Balm or Bergamot. Ours have lovely thistley purple flowers.

I did some research in picking out these plants for our temperature zone etc. so here's hoping they make it through the winter and prosper. So far so good.

I, perhaps rather obviously, tend to like a more wild and natural look in gardens. So it was really nice to get some of that in amongst the order of the bushy hedges. The previous owner was apparently pretty hooked on them. Luckily one of the two by the front door died and so we ripped both out & like our more open look MUCH better.

Hope you like this little glimpse of my world. :)



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