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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another Nostepinne

Hubby made me another Nostepinne. The handle is black and white ebony and the "working end" is rosewood. His post about it is here at Beads and Coves. It's much prettier in person than in the photo!

A couple people have suggested that Hubbs try to sell some of his hand turned Nostepinnes. Do you really think there would be interest out there? I think they are just gorgeous and pretty to have around even if you don't actually ever use them to wind yarn. Sometimes it's hard to find something new to buy for the knitter who has everything (like we all do!) so maybe a one of a kind Nostepinne would be a good sort of gift item? Let me know your opinions!

In knitting news - I have finally bound off my Spring Things Shawl. I guess this means I have to block it now huh? I'm totally freaked out by the idea of blocking lace - never done it before!

In bird news - Lily still doing well. The two yellow babies look like they will both have purple chests. I'm still betting on black heads for both but we'll see. If they are both boys we may have a set of twins - Fred and George Weasley! The blue baby is still puzzling me color wise. Right now he has a large splotch of silvery feathers on his side - so maybe my first thought that he didn't look like a normal blue was right? Stay tuned....


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