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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Godric and Minerva's Chicks

I'm down in the dumps today because Neville has tossed all his chicks again. This time I wasn't able to save any of them. I took the one unhatched egg - which does have a chick in it - and put it under Ron and Rosmerta. So there is a slight hope for that one. But all in all a real bummer of a day. :(

So after the sad news from today and about the green baby I thought I'd perk things up a bit with an update with good news for a change.

Godric and Minerva's 2007 chicks are thriving so far. I'm looking at them with great anticipation, wondering what they will look like as they color in.

Here is Godric sitting with the chick I am calling #2.

What colors will this baby have? I know it has a yellow back and sometimes I think I see hints of a purple chest and possibly a black head. That would be an exciting combination - one I have not seen yet.

But looking at him through the camera isn't revealing any clues. So far baby #2 is keeping his secrets!

But look at chick #1!

Look at the purple coming through on his chest. Doesn't he look proud? I'm excited to see a yellow back with a purple chest. The other yellow backs I have, Ron Weasley and his brother Fawkes both have lilac chests (quite a rare mutation). So I am excited to contemplate the combination of bright yellow with the electric purple. Even though the electric purple is the "normal" color for a Gouldian chest I happen to have far more birds with either lilac or white chests.

So far none of Godric's chicks have inherited his white chest. I hope some of them will someday. But they may not if Minerva doesn't carry that gene as well.

Oh - and keep those fingers crossed - the blue baby seems to be doing well....



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