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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ahhhh....Spring Cleaning

The blog not the house!

I overhauled the sidebar yesterday. Man that felt good! I was really surprised at how out of date my list of blogs that I read was. Tons of blogs that I have been reading FOREVER weren't even on there. Chris, Carrie, Mrs. Pao, Marina, Jessie, Laura...sheesh. I mean really, as if I could be happy in blogland without reading those blogs! There were many more which I added to list. If I comment on your blog but your blog is not on my sidebar list - it's just because I am an idiot, not because I don't love you. :) My eyes were seriously starting to get blurry by the end of the overhaul. I had to put on my glasses! Don't be shy - drop me an email if I have forgotten to list your blog.

My squares have found a good home. They will be going to Knit Knack for her Blanket of Hope that she is making for a friend who has cancer. I can't wait to see the finished blanket!

Lastly, in bird news: I peeked in on the two "rescued" chicks that Neville had tossed. Godric and Minerva have done a great job raising them. I was very excited to see that the first chick looks like it will be green backed - the normal coloring for a Gouldian - believe it or not this will be my first green backed baby! I was even more excited when I saw the second baby - wow! It is definitely not green. It is a soft powdery grey. So I'm thinking either another blue or some sort of pastel/dilute. This baby is much lighter grey than Harry Potter was as a baby. But it's not as light as the silver baby (which I lost) from the first clutch. So - another exciting "wait and see".

Plus - Godric is doggedly brooding a clutch of three eggs! I had intended to take away the nest after these two babies fledged but I guess Godric had other ideas. Three clutches a year for a pair is okay - but I like to do less. Well - I had wondered why Godric was still hanging out in the nest so much with those almost grown babies - and now I know. I am a bit skeptical about the prospects of these eggs actually hatching under these circumstances but I guess we will see.

Also - Neville and Rowena are on clutch number two. I hope they decide to raise these ones rather than pitch them! Ron Weasley and Rosmerta are on their first clutch as well. These two couples share a cage - so we will see how that works out. No action from Harry Potter and Jenny Weasley yet. I think there won't be any eggs from them this year. They still don't seem very interested in each other in general. Dang. I may have to try them each with a different partner next year.

Hopefully photos of all of this activity later.....

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