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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jenny Weasley

Thanks for all the nice comments on Minerva. I really love her too. She's a special little gal! :)

I'm trying to work my way through "introductions" for all the birds so you guys can get to know them - and not wonder who the heck I am talking about with all these Harry Potter names.

This is Jenny Weasley. She is a female Lady Gouldian - a little over a year old. She is the intended mate for Harry Potter because she is split to blue which means she also carries the blue gene. That amounts to hopefully lots of blue babies. So far though Harry and Jenny haven't taken to each other - but they are both young so I'll try again in a little while.

Jenny has a gorgeous red head and pretty purple chest that has a neat fade out effect near the top. Her body type is a bit too long and skinny for my taste - compare her to Minerva and you will see what I mean. But Jenny is young so she may fill in a bit more. And Harry has the body type I like so we will have to see what their chicks end up with.

Jenny is a yellow back but her color is a bit muddy. There is some green showing through. That's probably due to her genetics - in layman's terms I'd call it a "weak yellow" gene. (And believe me I don't fully understand genetic inheritance in Gouldian's either! It's very complex compared to most domestic animals.)

If you compare Jenny to Godric you will see the difference in their yellows. Godric is a "strong yellow" - which is probably why I get so many yellow babies out of him!



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