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Saturday, June 09, 2007


There's a long story behind the reason for my long blog absence.

The short version is that it turns out that - in a colossal mix-up! - I've been taking the wrong medication. For a year and a half! And neither the doctor or the pharmacy wants to take the credit for being the one who screwed up. But that's not even the real kicker. The punch line of this ridiculous situation is that the medication I've been taking has a component that is, in the words of the doctor "a powerful tranquilizer".

Hello! No wonder I've been complaining to anyone who would listen (including several doctors) that I was tired - very very tired. All the time tired. So tired that I was starting to seriously think I had chronic fatigue syndrome!

The mix up with the medication was finally discovered when I went back to the doctor for a check in type visit. I had run out of medicine so he just wrote me a new prescription. When I got the new medicine I (of course!) noticed that these new pills looked different from the old pills. At first I just assumed that it must be the difference between generic and brand name pills - plus there were other logical reasons for me to think it was no big deal - too long to go into here. Anyhow, it was only after I started suffering (and here I really mean suffering!) from the effects of withdrawal from the tranquilizer in the old wrong medicine that I really knew something was wrong.

Well - I'm here to tell you folks. Don't mess with the tranquilizers. It is no fun. Totally no fun at all.

I'm pretty much back on an even keel now but it was a very crappy month.


Aside from the oh-so-fun-kicking-the-tranquilizer-habit-I-didn't-even-know-I had, here's what has happened while I was gone.

I lost:

Lily - she never recovered but she spent her last week comfortably. It really sucks that she died but I think it was inevitable.

I found:

Homes for most of the Society Finches. My bird flock is back down to manageable size.

I watched:

Innocent (BBC series), Life on Mars (BBC series), Clatterford (BBC series - hmm a trend perhaps?) and my mostest favorite show Deadliest Catch.

The baby birds coloring in. The two yellow Godric and Minerva babies are in heavy moult now. They have purple chest and red faces. Twins! And the foster chick is slowly coloring in too. I think that she will eventually look just like Harry Potter. And - I'm pretty sure all three babies this year are girls.

Ron and Rosmerta are sitting on 6 eggs in the new nest box. So far it is a great success. But the eggs haven't hatched yet (any day now!) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no chick tossing.

Hubby landscape the garden. Hey - I just pick out the plants I don't dig or get dirty or sweaty. The new plants look great - Walkers Low and Yarrow were the principle additions. Now we have lovely purples and yellows in the garden.

I blocked:

My first lace. The Spring Things Shawl. I had a mental block about actually blocking lace. But it was easy peasey. So easy that I also blocked the Branching Out Scarf too. :)

I worked on:

A mitred square blanket for the nephew. It looks awesome so far but I'm out of yarn and only halfway done. Waiting for the next batch of yarn to arrive.

Another lace shawl. Almost done with the Luna Month Shawl - a free pattern at Elann. I really like this one.

I got:

A tank of angelfish. 4 large adults. They are beautiful and make me very happy.

I saved:

A nest of baby Mockingbirds. Hubbs was trimming a bush in the garden and found the nest. Using garden trowels I picked up the nest and put it back in the bush, securing it with some loose branches. I then had to search around to find the babies - they had all fallen out. There were four of the little guys. It was cool to see how different they look from the finch babies. Although mom and dad bird were pretty upset at all the activity they did come back to the nest and finish raising their babies.

I read:

About the Bayeux Tapestry, Vivienne Eliot (1st wife of TS), and Brother Cadfael.

And last but not least - Hubbs has set up a site to showcase and sell his turnings. He's got nostepinnes! Details to follow in the next post.


that's been life for me lately. Sorry for the long incommunicado. I hope everyone understands and that I still have some readers out there! I've been keeping up with my blog reading but haven't commenting much. It was kind of hard for me to mentally string together sentences there for a while and the thought of actually typing them out was way too much. It was my own mini version of Trainspotting - but without all the buckets. And no Ewan McGregor either. Yeesh. :)


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