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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bring On The Pain!

We are FINALLY starting our kitchen renovation - after seven months of planning and working. The whole thing is being gutted - floors and all. Some walls are coming down too. In addition, a pantry is being built just off the kitchen and a wet bar (fugly!) in the family room is being torn out and converted into an all purpose storage closet. Since the kitchen floor extends out into our entryway that is all being torn up as well. All told it's going to be a minimum of six weeks of sheer hell.

BUT our kitchen is SO going to rock when it is finished. I'll try to post some before photos so you can truly appreciate the transformation. Our current kitchen is basically an old piece of crap. All the appliances are old and on their last legs so it's a lucky thing we are getting rid of it all now.

We've spent the weekend clearing everything out - almost done!

I will most probably have a hard time posting during the construction so bear with me guys! I hope to be able to post some progress pictures along the way because misery loves company! :)

Do you think when I get the kick ass kitchen I will finally actually like cooking dinner? Yeah, I doubt it. But (knock on wood) hopefully the kitchen will look so good I won't mind spending more time in there. :)

Til next time. Wish me luck!!



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