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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kitchen: End of Week One

Geez - is that all it's been?

Demo is finished - thank the gods! Hopefully that means the loudest and messiest bit is over. New plumbing has been run and the electric work has started - after a 2 hour walk through. We're gonna have one well lit kitchen (and one monster bill! I'm pretty sure we're over budget on this one...)

To answer some questions - Yes, we have a contractor doing this. It's WAYYYYY beyond our capabilities. I hope it will pay off & so far I think it will. And yep - the kitchen was vintage 1980. Our house was what I lovingly call "a brass and glass monstrosity" when we moved in. If you lived in a hip house in the late 70's early 80's you know what I mean! *shudder* I wish I had taken a before photo of the wet bar (!?) we had in the family room (which is only like 5 steps from the kitchen and if you are that drunk or that lazy that you can't get up and walk 5 steps to the kitchen then you need to cut down on the alcohol buddy!). The wet bar was shiny black (painted over what had once been red!!) and had a huge mirror stuck to the wall with adjustable glass shelves mounted on it. NOW THAT'S what I mean by a brass and glass monstrosity. Perhaps it's better for everyone that I didn't post a before photo. Sometimes I wonder how I have managed to flourish despite living in a house with such a gawdawful soul sucking horror! (And we have ANOTHER wet bar in the basement. For crissakes couldn't Mr. Former Owner just carry his drink from room to room with him? At least all the wet bars provide some explanation for the decorating scheme...)

Oh well - the ugly wet bar is gone now & will shortly become a useful and much more sightly storage closet.

Keep your fingers crossed, but I think I am starting to feel a bit better. I'm glad I've still got Sunday to rest though.




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