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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Houston, We Have a Floor!

Thank you guys for all the compliments on our granite counter top choice! We are very excited to see it in place. But for right now there has actually been some other significant progress made...

Our tile floor has been laid! Yay! This is a close up of the pattern.

Here's how it looks in the room. The tile is dusty and dirty so the true colors aren't showing up perfectly but you get the idea.

Still needs the grout too. That's Monday's job. We are going with a parchment color rather than a bright white. I think it will look much more natural.

It is SO strange to see a different tile on the floor and I was almost getting used to the ply-wood. But I think this is a vast improvement over that nasty old grey tile. What do you guys think?

Next we hope to see the cabinets starting by the end of next week. Wait 'til you see them! :) Baby steps!



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