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Friday, June 29, 2007

More Angel Fish

Our other Angel Fish couple, Ozzie and Harriet.

This is Ozzie. He is the Macdaddy of the tank. A large gorgeous male.

This is Harriet. She is slightly smaller than Ozzie. You can barely see her little orange lips in this photo. She looks like she has lipstick on.

When we got these guys we were told that the color was "black marbled" but I think because of the amount of orange they have they are probably really "koi". The person who had them before said she was trying to get them to breed but with no success. We had them for a week and they spawned so I think they are happy here!

I really love these fish. They are so smart. They recognise me and come up to beg for food. They each have their own personalities and habits. The tank is in our bedroom and it is so calming to lie in bed and watch them . Today Ozzie and Harriet are having domestic squabbles. They've been pushing each other around and trying to face each other down. Must be getting ready to spawn. :)

Rasputin and Nelson's eggs were gone this morning - eaten during the night. It's just as well since they weren't going to hatch anyway. Here's another photo of the lovely Rasputin. Click on the photo for a look at her pretty rust colored eyes. Can you tell she's a favorite with me? :)

Yep - as Becky noted, it is like Noah's Ark around here. We have two large fish tanks, one with the Angels and another that is destined for Discus. We also have a lizard (an old Bearded Dragon). Then there's my flock of about 20 finches and of course the dogs. We are definitely "animal people".



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